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February 23, 2023 at Grace & St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Colorado Springs

Mass in B Minor: Kyrie I

by J.S. Bach

CVAE and Chamber Orchestra of the Springs

Grace & t. Stephen's Episcopal Church

February 23 2023


“To the Hands” (from Seven Responses)

by Caroline Shaw


Seven of the world's foremost composers were asked to write 21st-century responses to Buxtehude's Membra Jesu Nostri, an iconic sacred work of the German Baroque focusing on Christ’s suffering on the cross.  Shaw’s response “To the Hands,” scored for SATB choir and strings, begins inside the 17th century sound of Buxtehude. It expands and colors and breaks this language, as the piece’s core considerations of the suffering of those around the world seeking refuge, and of our role and responsibility in these global and local crises gradually come into focus. 


Click here to read the full program notes by Caroline Shaw

February 16, 2020 at Grace & St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Colorado Springs

Wintersong 2020: A Virtual Celebration of the Season

Colorado Vocal Arts Ensemble presents music and poetry spanning nine centuries. Recorded in cathedral splendor, shady glen, and cozy living room. 


Click here to read the full program

December 13, 2020 in Colorado Springs

Cover art for CVAE's album, Labyrinth: Journey Into Light. It depicts a maze-like pattern with the CVAE logo in the center, with vibrant colors and patterns exploding outwards.

Labyrinth: Journey Into Light

In 2013, Colorado Vocal Arts Ensemble recorded their fifth album Labyrinth: Journey Into Light. Featuring works by Johannes Brahms, Ildebrando Pizzetti, Jaakko Mäntyjärvi, and Tim Takach, this 20th anniversary compilation celebrates five centuries of choral tradition.


Click here for the full album on Spotify 

ValparaisoSting/Timothy Takach
00:00 / 04:31

Recorded fall of 2013 in Grace Church

CVAE logo

Other Albums:

Colorado Vocal Arts Ensemble


Album art of CVAE's first album, simply titled Colorado Vocal Arts Ensemble (1997). It shows the inside of a freshly cut tree, with sap dripping down the fresh grooves and a bright yellow flower right next to the title.

-William Byrd Mass for Four Voices

- Claude Debussy Trois Chansons

Herbert Beattie Three Madrigals

Time, Tide, and Tradition


Album art for CVAE's Time, Tide, and Tradition. It is a simple yet cozy painting of a cottage and barn during a snowstorm, with a crescent moon barely visible at the very top of the image.

Songs for the Christmas season, from Medieval to modern.

Down to the Water


Album art for CVAE's Down to the Water, released in 2005. It shows a man in a fishing hat and a button-up sitting on a log, dipping his legs in the cool water of a crystal-clear lake.

Folk Songs, Hymns, and Spirituals of the British Isles and America.

O Holy Night


Album art for Denver Brass' O Holy Night (2001). This idyllic painting shows a wintery scene of children skating on a frozen pond, with the village houses and barns in the background while the Star of David overlooks it all.

CVAE sings O Holy night with the Denver Brass. To purchase this album, visit the Denver Brass website.

All CD's, except for "O Holy Night", are available for purchase at any CVAE concert. To order by mail, please contact us at Thank you for your support! 

Greensleevesarr. Bob Chilcott
00:00 / 02:44
Bahyooshkee-Bahyooarr. Judith Kramer
00:00 / 03:49
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