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Mission: To give high-school students the opportunity to rehearse and perform with professionally trained singers, to promotes musical awareness through the study of great choral repertoire, and to foster a lifelong passion for the choral art.

Description and Goals:  Gateways is a short-term residency in which CVAE members act as mentors to young singers to promote a deeper understanding of all aspects of the choral art. Workshop session in participating high schools culminates in a joint concert that sets professional standards for production, promotion, and presentation. The program's goals are:


  • To support the development of strong musicianship, ensemble skills, and healthy vocal technique, and artistic growth.

  • To support secondary choral programs and their directors by providing an opportunity for study and performance of great choral repertoire.

  • To provide students with the inspiring experience of choral performance in an acoustically fine, well-established concert venue.


Program structure: Two high schools are selected each year to participate in a 3-stage process:


Stage 1) Classroom visits: 4 members of CVAE visit the high school, during the choir’s regular class time. There are two of these visits scheduled within a 3-5 week period.


Stage 2) Evening rehearsals: 1 at each participating school.


Stage 3) Final concert, including CVAE and both high schools.


Repertoire: All choirs perform together, and are also featured individually. The joint repertoire is chosen by CVAE’s artistic director and will represent the finest a cappella choral literature of the past 800 years. Repertoire performed by individual choirs is at the director’s discretion.


Cost: There is no fee for participation. High schools must agree to buy their own copies of whatever music is chosen. If a bus is required to transport students to the dress rehearsal or concert, that would be at the school’s expense. CVAE covers all other expenses.


The performance is free and open to the public. Donations are gratefully accepted.

For information about how your school can participate in the Gateways program, please contact Deborah Teske

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